15-16 Nov 2017 Villeurbanne (France)

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How To Break Things Up Safely -- Probabilistic Symmetry Breaking fro Mobile Robots
Quentin Bramas  1  
1 : Laboratoire des sciences de l'ingénieur, de l'informatique et de l'imagerie  (ICUBE)  -  Website
Université de Strasbourg, CNRS
300 bd Sébastien Brant - CS 10413 - F-67412 Illkirch Cedex -  France

Breaking symmetry by performing probabilistic moves is a hard task, especially in asynchronous settings. Losing track of a moving robot make the problem untractable. I will present several challenges when breaking symmetry and ways to solve it. The applications include the leader election and the scattering problems.


Quentin Bramas is an associate professor in the ICUBE laboratory at the University of Strasbourg. He is working on wireless sensor networks, dynamic graphs and autonomous mobile robots. He received his PhD from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris in 2016.

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